Cable Bespeco 450 Iron Power jack-jack (4,5m.)
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Cable Bespeco 450 Iron Power jack-jack (4,5m.)

11,00 € Impuestos incluidos

9,09 € Impuestos excluidos

Cable Bespeco 450 Iron Power jack-jack (4,5m.)

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Cable Bespeco 450 Iron Power -4.5 metros -Jack a jack 1. O.F.C copper - Oxigen Free Copper. Disruption treatment of elementary cell which liberates the oxygen from the crystal lattice of copper. 2. High electrical insulation PVC Jacket 3. Professional instrument cables adopt an additional shielding consisting of a semi-conductive jacket with the addition of graphite that strongly mitigate inducted currents (no noise). 4. High coverage shielding with the addition of materials that triple the fatigue strength (mechanical solicitations repeated overtime) 5. The cable has a “working direction” indicated by the arrows printed on it (arrow should go in the direction of the amplifier, mixer, etc.). Such drawings are related exclusively to the sense of the copper rotation, which creates ionic density of the crystalline reticule for an optimal flow of electrons (anisotropy). 6. High content silicon jacket that makes the cable sold and durable in time.